Why Computer Science?

Do you like writing program code, collecting and analyzing information to make decisions or helping companies and individuals with their computers and networks while keeping their data safe? In the School of Computer Science, students 探索 courses that lead to developing innovative mobile apps, 软件 and computer games, creating web pages, working with data and databases, setting up and maintaining computers and networks, and protecting data while ensuring it’s available to authorized users.

With degree and certificate options in database administration, programming & 软件 development, and computer basic applications, you will 探索 courses that will teach you how to develop innovative mobile apps and computer games, learn about 软件 installation and maintenance, data handling and more. 

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With the advancement of technology comes an increase in the volume of cyber-crime. In the Cyber Security program, you will learn technical skills while getting hands-on training to enter the field of information security. Fundamentals in the program include ethics, computer forensics and security.

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Software Development professionals are in demand as the use of computer technology continues to advance. You will learn technical knowledge, skills and applications, as well as strategies to apply them to solve real-world problems in the field. 学习 how to resolve technical problems dealing with various hardware and 软件 programs across a network.

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